#9:Strategies to Launch & Grow a Fanpage using FB Ads & KILLER Monetization Hotseat

Strategies to Launch & Grow a Fanpage using FB Ads & KILLER Monetization Hotseat

I have two special guests on this weeks show: Valerie Shoopman who is a Facebook Marketing Expert and Molly Richardson who is a Social Media Marketing Consultant. We explore Top Strategies on how to quickly grow your Fanpage using Facebook Ads, Create Engaging Content and then some cool strategies to monetize your following!

1 – How to generate thousands of targeted likes 1-2 cents each for social proof and authority
2 – Where to download exact photos to use that are proven to work in any niche
3 – “Like” conversion strategy: how to turn likes into opt-ins and customers
4 – How to use current events/trends to your advantage
5 – Creating Social Aliances using FB LeadFinder
6 – Monetizing your list with your own offers
7 – Hot Seat – STAY TUNED – We didn’t get to go deep on this one.

FB LeadFinder is a Great tool to find Fanpages to build a Social Alliance with – think about creating a Group and Cross Promote one another.  There are many different strategies you can employ using FB LeadFinder. Check out this previous show where we step thru the tool itself with Greg Writer.

Let me know if you have any questions!  Hope you enjoyed this hangout! We intend to schedule a followup in the coming couple of weeks to dig a little deeper into the concepts of Monetizing your following you worked so hard to build, so stay tuned! I’d love to hear your suggestions for upcoming shows.

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Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas

Wanted to take a quick moment to say Merry Christmas. Hope you are enjoying this special time of the year with your friends and family. I’m grateful to have you here as a Fan, Subscriber and Friend. Looking forward to sharing more great content and live Google hangouts with you in 2014!

If you have any suggestions for an upcoming show, I’d love to hear them!!

Please comment below and let me know what special moments you enjoyed this Holiday Season!!

Many blessings to you and yours,


Merry Christmas Y’all!

I really LOVE this rendition of “The Little Drummer Boy” by Pentatonix.  I heard this on the radio a couple weeks back then someone shared it on Facebook and then again this weekend at my Dad’s house he asked if I’d heard it.  I HAD to go look it up and listen / watch it again on YouTube.  Such amazing talent!  This is from their new Christmas Album - PTXMas (Deluxe Edition) - Available on iTunes & Amazon

This time of year brings back so many fond memories of my childhood spent at my grandparents house.  One family tradition we always enjoyed was lighting candles, singing Silent Night and walking down the steps to the basement where we always were so anxious to see the Christmas Tree and the Nativity to see if Santa had come. Typically one of us youngsters would carry the baby Jesus and place him in the manger as we continued to sing and then pray, giving thanks for the previous year and praise for the year ahead. Of course, then we all hugged, some of us cried (me ALWAYS) and then we got down to business opening presents and just really enjoying time together as a very large family. I definitely treasure these memories!

I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season with your family and friends. Be safe in your travels and love each other!

Question: What Christmas tradition do you look forward to the most with your family? Would love to read your comments below!

Photo from Amazon.com

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World (HarperBusiness, 2013)

If you are struggling to understand WHY it’s important for you to be using Social Media in your business, you NEED this book!

Gary V is a MASTER of ALL things Social and put together an exceptional book that covers all the major networks and how best to use each one, as they are unique. He shows that while communication is still key, context matters more than ever. It’s not just about developing high-quality content, but developing high-quality content perfectly adapted to specific social media platforms and mobile devices—content tailor-made for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr.

I’m slowly working my way thru this book and am quite amazed at what I’m learning. Can’t wait to share more!

The biggest thing I’m most excited about is I actually got to meet and speak with Gary V at a Mastermind I attended - Life on Fire Event with my business coach and Social Media Mentor Nick Unsworth.

Libby Webb & Gary V at Life on Fire Event – Jan 2014
Had FUN chatting about our local business – New Market BBQ

As a local business owner of New Market BBQ, it was a lot of fun talking shop with Gary and getting his input on how we can better tell our story, get our customers more involved, and how one day we may sell our establishment to an existing customer or Fan! Really appreciated his insight. I have lots yet to learn and implement but looking forward to the journey!

Check out this awesome SlideShare from Gary about his the use of Story Telling in your business:

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook available on Amazon

Get your personal copy and maybe order an extra one for a friend that owns a business. GREAT GIFT idea for those that may be struggling with how best to use Social Media to grow their business and engage with their customers online.

Question: Which Social Network do you use in your business and /or personal life the most?

Are you Inspired by the Work You Do & the Life you Live?

Does money flow easily into your life? Are your personal relationships flourishing?

Do you have an entrepreneurial flame burning inside you, but you just haven’t been able to set it on FIRE?

For the past several months I’ve been working with one of the most ON FIRE Entrepreneurs out there, Nick Unsworth!  He’s a top notch Facebook Marketing Expert but he’s also an amazing Business Coach!  I’m looking forward to this upcoming event in January where we’ll get to network with other ON FIRE Entrepreneurs, meet and learn from the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk, as well as several of Nick’s Firestarter Clients during this jam packed weekend of learning, networking, and FUN!

A LIVE EVENT FOR SMART ENTREPRENEURS WHO WANT TO CASH IN ON THEIR PASSION! Gary Vaynerchuk as Keynote Speaker & Hosted by Nick Unsworth



Breakthrough Life on Fire Event - Join me along with many other entrepreneurs in San Diego on January 10th for a LIFE on FIRE Experience!  Click photo above for complete details on the upcoming event and get your travel plans booked now before it’s too late!

I’d LOVE to meet you!

PS..Check out the highlights from the most recent Business on Fire Event Nick held in October.

You can also pick up your copy of Gary V’s latest book Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook. Awesome READ and with step by step how to’s!

See y’all in a few weeks!!

#8: Top Strategies Grow your Business & Engage Community with 22Social

My Top 5 Strategies to Grow your Business & Engage your Community using 22Social

My special guest in this episode of Live with Libby is Jerry Rocco, who is the Marketing Director and Co-Founder of 22Social, the exciting and powerful platform I use here every week to HOST/SYNDICATE my show.

We explore my Top 5 Strategies to Grow Your Business & Engage Your Community Using the 22Social Platform:

1 – Google Hangouts to build your following & establish authority in your niche
2 – Syndicating / Cloning other pages to provide valuable content to engage your Fans
3 – Host your Lead Magnet to generate more leads and get people into your funnel
4 – Host a landing page to showcase your service offerings and important information
5 – Host a Contest to generate leads, Fan Reviews, & viral buzz around your brand/product/location.

To help me spread the word, could you please comment below and share what you learned from this Hangout on Air and what top action you took away from this episode?

You’ll be amazed at how FAST you will grow your following and fan base by applying the strategies you’ll learn!

Remember, TAKE ACTION!  Please share this this post with anyone you know that might be interested in getting their voice hear! Thanks so much for your support! ENJOY!!

#6: Find Facebook’s MOST Engaged Fanpages to FARM Leads & Customers to Grow your Business!

Find Facebook’s MOST Engaged Fanpages to FARM Leads and Customers to Create and Grow your Business!

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Greg Writer who is the CEO of Angel Investors Network.

In this LIVE Hangout you will learn 2 advanced, but simple, Facebook Marketing strategies that anyone can implement within minutes to locate partners and customers, drive online traffic, increase leads/prospects and make SALES!

Greg shared a number of case studies where people just like you have made over $1,000 per day in various niches using this software and implementing these strategies.   You can’t do this with Facebook efficiently!  FB Leadfinder is a must to save you LOADS of TIME!

Here’s just a few of the amazing features of FB LeadFinder:

  • Find Facebook’s Biggest fan pages in seconds for any keyword
  • Find which fan pages have the most engagement
  • Easy one click to Private message fan page owners for partnerships

You’ll be amazed at how FAST you will grow your following and fan base by applying these strategies! Remember, TAKE ACTION!

This blog post was automatically created for me using the Simple Video Press WordPress Plugin, which imports my YouTube videos into my website and stages them up for me to review, schedule and post when ready. This has to be one of the BEST plugins I’ve found to help grow my new website and YouTube channel. It’s fairly new and on limited release so be sure to check it out - Simple Video Press.