***Update*** I removed this plugin because it was giving me pop up ads and have since downloaded Facebook Friend Inviter instead. It’s all CLEAN and no extra junk from what I can tell. Sorry to steer you wrong!!

If you are like me, you’ve probably been missing this feature since Facebook removed it a long time ago. If you create events or have a new Fanpage and you’re wondering how to invite lots of people, here is HOW you DO IT! Watch, DO, and Comment below if you have questions. **Please take note of my words of caution with respect to blanketly inviting people to your events. Events become less and less effective if you do not target people correctly. If you over invite, people will just ignore your events, which means they effort you put in to create them becomes pointless so DON’T DO IT!  LOL! You’ll know what I mean after you’ve watched this, because I’m sure you’ve personally fallen victim to those who OVER INVITE you to their events.

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