#9:Strategies to Launch & Grow a Fanpage using FB Ads & KILLER Monetization Hotseat

Strategies to Launch & Grow a Fanpage using FB Ads & KILLER Monetization Hotseat

I have two special guests on this weeks show: Valerie Shoopman who is a Facebook Marketing Expert and Molly Richardson who is a Social Media Marketing Consultant. We explore Top Strategies on how to quickly grow your Fanpage using Facebook Ads, Create Engaging Content and then some cool strategies to monetize your following!

1 – How to generate thousands of targeted likes 1-2 cents each for social proof and authority
2 – Where to download exact photos to use that are proven to work in any niche
3 – “Like” conversion strategy: how to turn likes into opt-ins and customers
4 – How to use current events/trends to your advantage
5 – Creating Social Aliances using FB LeadFinder
6 – Monetizing your list with your own offers
7 – Hot Seat – STAY TUNED – We didn’t get to go deep on this one.

FB LeadFinder is a Great tool to find Fanpages to build a Social Alliance with – think about creating a Group and Cross Promote one another.  There are many different strategies you can employ using FB LeadFinder. Check out this previous show where we step thru the tool itself with Greg Writer.

Let me know if you have any questions!  Hope you enjoyed this hangout! We intend to schedule a followup in the coming couple of weeks to dig a little deeper into the concepts of Monetizing your following you worked so hard to build, so stay tuned! I’d love to hear your suggestions for upcoming shows.

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