#2: How to Setup and Record a Private Google Hangout

Live with Libby Episode #2: How to Setup and Record a Private Google Hangout

Have you been wondering how you could host a private Google Hangout between yourself and others but also record it for later viewing?

There are a couple different ways of achieving this at the time of this blog post, but I'm sure it won't be long and things will change and more options will be available, so stay tuned as I'll release updates to this post as those changes become known.

Let me know if you run into any issues, but this is pretty straight forward. Enjoy!

  • Currently, I use Google Calendar to schedule an appointment with the applicable parties and click Add Video Call to the appointment.
  • At the appointed time, everyone joins the video call using the Join Video link in calendar appointment email.
  • I then launch my screen recording software - Screen-Cast-O-Matic - which records both sides of the conversation. Be sure that you have Windows 7 and above. Screen-Cast-O-Matic is an AWESOME tool that I also use to record my teaching videos. 
  • After you complete your session recording, you can edit the recording with the many built in editing features.
  • Once edits are completed, you can then submit it to upload directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox and other systems. You can then go about your business doing other things and not have to take the extra steps to then open the other Video hosting platforms to upload your video. Isn't that GREAT!! 

If you are on a budget, this is a GREAT solution! Hope you enjoy the video below. Please share your feedback or questions in the comments below, and I'll be glad to assist you. Thanks for watching!  ~ Libby

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