#10: How to Create Unstoppable Momentum in Your Life & Business with Nick Unsworth

How to Create Unstoppable Momentum in Your Life & Business

You’re in for an awesome treat this week guys! I have my good friend and business coach Nick Unsworth on as my special guest! Nick is a KICK ASS Business Coach and also a Facebook Marketing Expert.

He’s combined his passion for helping entrepreneurs grow their business using Facebook Marketing into an amazing company called Life on Fire where he provides online marketing training events, live in person events, as well as KICK ASS Mastermind sessions with his private coaching clients. Nick shared with us the power of your mindset and how you can become a Master Communicator and Influencer to those around you!

You’ll learn how to:

  •  Permanently motivate yourself so that you don’t have to always “try” to be motivated
  •  Use a mind-hack called “The Moment on Fire” that will help you get in the zone and stay there longer
  •  De-clutter your life and live with laser focus
  •  Set goals and get them every single time
  •  Wake up on fire and take massive inspired action
  •  And, MUCH MORE!!

You can learn more about Nick and his new Company by clicking here => Life on Fire

I’ve never felt more alive personally!  I know that with Nick’s help and the help of the professionals he brings to his community of coaching clients,  I will continue to shape my future and professionalism, and my ability to help many more people! The live events, whether thru online programs or in person, that Nick and his team put together are absolutely amazing!  Be sure to check them out if you are stuck in your business and need help moving forward.  I’d love to have you in our inner circle of Firestarters!

Here is Nick’s video on his daily routine that we chatted about during the Hangout:

It’s a GREAT way to keep yourself motivated towards your monthly goals.  I’d LOVE for you to share what your Moment on Fire is below in the comments.  If you haven’t taken the time to watch the Hangout yet and walk yourself thru the exercise Nick described, be sure to do it! It will be life changing for you, and I can’t wait to HEAR about your results!!

All my best and look forward to SEEING you soon on a future Live with Libby Hangout!  ~ Libby

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